Centers and Groups of Study

COPPEAD has study centers and groups that provide state-of-the-art scientific production in business management.

COPPEAD’s dialog with various organizations through research initiatives opens the opportunity for producing cutting-edge and unprecedented knowledge, contributing to the advancement of business administration. All research production has public results by being published in articles, congress channels, teaching cases, and in books.

The teams of the centers and groups are made up of teachers from the institution, external researchers, and students from the master’s and doctoral or graduate studies programs. These bodies can count on the support of external funding, which includes public development agencies and private companies that can sponsor Research Areas. Customer service desk for the COPPEAD Research Center:

Research Lines

Training, Growth and Transformation of Business, Organizational and Socio-Economic Systems
Brings together research projects that examine the processes of building, growing, and transforming various systems such as startups, family companies, corporations, public companies, non-profit organizations, networks, economic sectors, and public sectors. These processes are analyzed in the context of the ecosystems with which the focal systems co-evolve or in the environment in which they develop. The building process covers phenomena such as entrepreneurship and innovation while the growth process comprises movements such as organic expansion, mergers & acquisitions, internationalization, and vertical integration. Systems transformation processes, on the other hand, cover important changes due to technological disruption, disruptive innovations, regulatory changes. and privatization policies.

Decision-making, Behavior, and Ethics
Brings together an interdisciplinary group of projects of a different methodological nature whose main objective is to understand the behavior of individuals, organizations, and governments, contemplating not only cognitive and rational decision-making processes, but also socio-cultural mechanisms and materials. The dynamics of change guided by ethical and sustainability principles, whether within the scope of consumption practices or organizational management, are of particular relevance in the articulation of this line of research.

Business Administration and Economy
Line of research that uses economic and financial theory combined with quantitative methods to analyze the companies and factors that contribute to the diversity of organizational structures and the relationships of companies with labor, capital, and product markets. It deals with issues such as industrial organization, strategic management, productivity, and benchmarking. In addition, the research line includes the study of financial intermediation, which includes financial institutions and their regulation, management of investments in financial and real assets, as well as risk management. The line is concerned with answering questions about how other external economic, environmental, and social factors can influence business decisions such as changes in industry regulation or other production factors.

Centers of Studies

Study Groups

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