Coppead’s doctorate program has an important mission to train high-level researchers, which contributes to advancing knowledge in the area of administration and business management.

Students benefit from high-level studies, being prepared from a scientific-methodological view and a solid theoretical foundation. Upon completing the program, students are prepared to pursue an academic career within their country, also allowing them to join to the corporate world as executives and consultants who seek to generate value for its activities.

48 months

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

About the Course

The program can be divided into 4 phases, which are: the mandatory and the elective courses, the qualification exam, the defense of the thesis project and the thesis itself.

The thesis research consists of original work in the candidate’s field of interest. The program lasts four years and requires students’ exclusive dedication.

Doctoral students can replace the qualification exam and the defense of the thesis project by submitting 3 academic articles throughout the program on the current status of their research in relevant national or international journals.

This decision must be agreed with the advisor and meet certain rules and deadlines. The approval of the payment by the Bank and the fulfillment of the formalities imposed by the University will allow or receive the Doctorate Degree in Science in Business Administration, granted by Coppead/UFRJ.


Class Profile



Age Range


1. Subjects

2. Qualification exam

3. Defense of the Thesis Project (within 24 months)

4. Thesis Defense

As subjects are taken mainly in the first year of the program, a minimum workload of 480 hours is required. Those who do not have a Master’s degree, previous training in Administration or in the area of concentration can take Master’s courses in addition to the mandatory sequence for all PhD students. More information about the steps and the requirements of each step you can easily find in the program regulations and description of the disciplines, as follows.


The Coppead Institute of Administration is open to the development of new partnerships with higher education institutions to form the basis for an interinstitutional doctoral programs in the CAPES Dinter format.

According to its philosophy of teaching and research, Coppead considers as extremely relevant the process of training students from the partner institutions and the first year of full-time credit held in the facilities of Rio de Janeiro.

Dinter’s objective is to support the teachers’ training from institutions far from large teaching and research centers, and to promote academic production in the institutions participating in the program. Among the various benefits highlighted – there is the possibility of additional credits in other renowned institutions in Rio de Janeiro – whether other units of UFRJ or even other universities – in addition to research trainings with house documents and other students of the regular doctoral classes. The immersion provided when attending the first year of credits at Coppead’s facilities in Rio de Janeiro is equivalent to a one-year experience abroad provided by the “sandwich doctorate”. For more information about Dinter, please visit the CAPES website or contact us:


Coppead offers scholarships funded by the main funding agencies in the country: CNPq, Capes and Faperj. However, the number of benefits offered is usually less than the demand.

Check out regulations and information on the websites of the funding agencies:

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