Value Generation with Sustainable Business

Sustainability in practice for your organization

The latest financial and economic crises have pointed to the need for more sustainable practices for the longevity of business and society. The consumer has been sensitized to interact with models based on sustainability. The financial market responds with the influx of ESG funds and greater mobilization of resources and attention. Startups seek to innovate in the field, dialoguing with this demand – and urgency.

Is your organization prepared to operate on a sustainable model, while remaining profitable and relevant to different stakeholders?

COPPEAD, with its experience in sustainability offers, from the desire of executives, a space for dialogue and exchange of reflections and practices on a new way of doing business that generates innovative models, with economic, environmental and social results that maintain longevity of business.

In an immersive experience aimed at leaders and managers, you will discuss with topical experts who are at the forefront of the topic, preparing to design and execute innovative sustainability strategies.

Issues discussed in the Program

With a practical focus, we have a series of “hows” that will be discussed during the meetings

1. With a practical focus, we have a series of “cosmos” that will be discussed during the meetings

2. How to design sustainable business models?

3. How to avoid greenwashing and map the real impact along your value chain?

4. How to evaluate the value generated and plan the financing of sustainable solutions?


In this module, you will have a comprehensive perspective on the topic, discussing with experts the vanguard of sustainable practices throughout the value chain. Check out the themes:

  • ESG – environmental, social and governance
  • Impact assessment
  • Value Chain and Relationship with Stakeholders
  • Valuation for Sustainability

Target Audience

With a practical focus, we have a series of how they will be discussed during the meetings

1. Directors and Managers responsible for sustainability strategies

2. Advisers from organizations interested in new practices and sustainable models

3. Project consultants and innovation and sustainability initiatives

4. Investors and private equity funds focused on business models of the future


Celso Lemme

Value Generation Professor, Celso Lemme

Finance and Sustainability

PhD in Administration, with a concentration in Finance, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Master in Production Engineering from UFRJ, with a concentration in the areas of Investment Project Evaluation and Quantitative Methods. Graduated in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and in Statistics from State University of Rio de Janeiro. Professor at the COPPEAD Institute of Administration where he teaches subjects in Finance and Corporate Sustainability. He works as a professor, speaker and consultant in the areas of Corporate Sustainability and Company Valuation and Investment Projects. Member of the GRI Brasil Council, in addition to participating in forums and groups related to the theme.

Leonardo Marques

Value Generation Professor, Leonardo Marques

Logistics and Supply Chain


PhD in Business & Management from the University of Manchester (2016), Master in Business Administration from COPPEAD-UFRJ (2004) and Bachelor of Production Engineering from POLI-UFRJ (2000), with academic dignity Cum Laude. He has 20 years of professional experience balancing passages as an executive, consultant and instructor in company, having worked with companies from various sectors such as retail (Richards, Leader Magazine, Lojas Renner, Grupo Dufry), consumer goods (O Boticário, L’Oreal, Hersheys), industry (Halliburton, Technip, Tenaris, Siemens, Schott) and media (TV Globo). Currently coordinator of the Transparency & Sustainability in Business Network and his research is funded by C&A Foundation, Instituto-e and by FAPERJ in the Young Scientist of Our State program.

Débora Masullo

Doctoral student


PhD student and Master (2004) in Business Administration at COPPEAD / UFRJ and Economist at PUC-Rio (2001) with over 15 years of professional experience including strategic planning, business and project evaluation, consulting, financial planning, specialized in corporate sustainability, technologies clean and environmental finance. A businesswoman in the area of sustainability, she has also worked in Global Fortune 500 companies, business consultancy and was Director of operations in investment banking in the United States. She was Professor of Financial Mathematics and Evaluation of International Projects in the COPPEAD / UFRJ Training Program in Internationalization of Companies. Since 2002 she has been conducting research in environmental finance and corporate sustainability.

Alice Erthal

Alice Erthal

Pesquisadora de Pós-doutorado em Transparência e Sustentabilidade pelo COPPEAD/UFRJ, com doutorado em Cultura Organizacional e Lean Thinking também pelo COPPEAD e parte da pesquisa realizada na Florida International University (E.U.). Graduação e Mestrado em Engenharia de Produção, ambos pela Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). Certificada como treinadora do GRI, como Professional Coach pelo Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) e em Gestão de Processos pelo BPTrends. Pesquisadora do COPPEAD, atua também em consultoria, coaching e docência (academia e in-company) nos temas Transparência e Sustentabilidade, Comportamento Organizacional, Gestão de Mudanças, Cultura Organizacional, Teoria do Paradoxo, Lean Thinking e Gestão de Processos. Já publicou em periódicos de destaque internacional, atuando também como revisora, participando dos principais congressos nacionais e internacionais de Administração e Gestão. Possui experiência de mais de 15 anos como gestora, consultora e coach em diferentes indústrias dos setores público e privado.

COPPEAD Seal of Excellence

COPPEAD is the internationally renowned Brazilian business school that assists people and companies in their transformation processes, based on integrated education and oriented towards practical and critical performance in the business world. With over 45 years of experience in executive education programs, the institution has trained more than 16 thousand professionals, leaders and protagonists of its organizations, contributing to the development of the country and the world.

The institute has a robust and constant research in Sustainability, articulating its initiatives in the Transparency & Sustainability in Business Network, a multidisciplinary group that conducts reports, studies and initiatives that involve several stakeholders in the design and dissemination of sustainable business practices. COPPEAD is also the only Brazilian educational institution that is a partner of Global ReportingInitative, responsible for the GRI Standard, used worldwide in sustainability reporting.

Admission Policy

The admission process includes enrollment in the module and evaluation of the enrollment form. The Selection Committee will take into account the following criteria:

  • Experience in the area
  • Operating area and sector
  • Potential for contribution and exchange
  • Group composition already confirmed

COPPEAD Sustainability Platform

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