Research Chairs

The research chairs represent a broad program that allows investigating, reflecting and understanding trends, scenarios and transformations in the national and international market, with a high connection with the strategic challenges of organizations.

The chairs are sponsored by companies and enable an environment of dialogue, collective construction and application of the knowledge produced by the Coppead Study Centers.

Research Chairs are special projects of scientific research in a certain area of management. The institution is pioneer in Brazil in this type of Partnership Company & Academy, bringing a clear to the university, the organization and counterpart:

  • The university benefits from resources to advance its line of knowledge production and increase its repertoire (research, teaching and attraction of researchers);
  • Society benefits from the application of new knowledge and technologies;
  • The sponsoring company connects to a center of excellence of international standard, has access to cutting-edge research and participates in the research and actions agenda, in addition to relating its brand to the production of cutting-edge knowledge in management.
L’Oréal Chair
Created in 2003, the L’Oréal Chair is part of the Center for Consumer Studies and its main focus is the study of qualitative research methodologies for the investigation of consumer behavior.

Antera Chair
Initiated in 2017, The Antera Chair conducts studies in the segments known internationally as Venture Capital and Private Equity, studies aimed at practical applications in the national market. The Chair’s primary objective is to help in the maturation process of these market segments through state-of-the-art and innovative research.
Instituto C&A Chair
Celebrated in 2018, the C&A Institute Chair supports studies on transparency in supply networks, covering aspects of legislation, voluntary certifications, social innovations and new business models based on greater transparency about processes, products and working conditions.
Halliburton Chair
The HALLIBURTON Chair was created in 2014, focusing on the following lines of research: Cross-Culture; Organizational Studies and Labor Relations.
Amil Chair
AMIL Chair started in 2008 and conducts studies on service management in the health area. It focuses on the investigation of the theme of Quality Management and Innovation within the sector.
CBF Academy Chair
The CBF Academy Chair conducts the studies on the internationalization of Football, focusing on three major themes: Women’s Football, CBF Brand Value and Football Digitization. The objective is to generate the collective construction of knowledge and enhance the management of the sector, both in the administration of federations and clubs, as well as the ecosystem.
Globo Chair
Created in 2011, The Globo Chair investigates information and entertainment media, its future perspectives and impacts on consumer behavior, with special focus on the reflection on new technologies.
Celebrated with the main objectives of: promoting teaching and research on local management. Encourage the creation of a study center on local government within the scope of a Business School, promoting public-private interaction as a development strategy. Inspire innovation in local public management, bringing together public and private managers and citizens. Generate and disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge on local management that allows for social impact actions and promote the formation of academic and executive leaders focused on the modernization of local management.
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