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The Chair Program is a tradition at American and European universities. It consists of financing, through donations by companies, teaching and research activities at renowned universities in areas considered relevant to their activities.

The objectives of a Chair are, in general, the realization of research projects that allow to investigate, reflect and understand the trends, scenarios and transformations in the market.

In Brazil, Coppead was one of the pioneering institutions in the Chairs program through the creation of the Boston Bank Chair in Business Policy in 1984, followed by the Mesbla de Varejo and Souza Cruz Chairs for International Strategy. The entire investigation process translates into the management of this knowledge through the provision of disciplines in Coppead Courses, within the same area of interest, strengthening management training with specialized qualifications and sharing knowledge with the whole society through its publications.

Get to know the Chairs established by some study centers of the institution:

L’Oréal Chair
Created in 2003, the L’Oréal Chair is part of the Center for Consumer Studies and its main focus is the study of qualitative research methodologies for the investigation of consumer behavior.
Antera Chair
Started in 2017, the Antera Chair conducts studies in the segments known internationally for Venture Capital and Private Equity, studies aimed at practical applications in the national market. The Chair’s primary objective is to assist in the maturation process of these market segments through cutting-edge and innovative research.
Ipiranga Chair
In a partnership with almost 25 years of existence, the Ipiranga Chair supports the Center for Studies in Logistics, a reference with the academic and business environment for the development of knowledge in this area within the country.
Halliburton Chair
The HALLIBURTON Chair was created in 2014, focusing on the following lines of research: Cross-Culture; Organizational Studies and Labor Relations.
Amil Chair
Started in 2008, the Amil Chair conducts studies on service management in the Health area. It focuses on investigating the theme of Quality and Innovation Management within the sector.
Coca-Cola Chair
The Coca-Cola Chair was created in 2013, with the objective of investigating how brands are built in the contemporary context as a socio-cultural resource, dialoguing with the movements of society and with the context of media fragmentation.
Globo Chair
Created in 2011, the Grupo Globo Chair investigates the information and entertainment media, their future perspectives and the impacts on consumer behavior, with special emphasis on reflecting on new technologies.
Fiat Chair
The Fiat Chair is part of the Center for Consumer Studies and since 2011 has studied consumption and its cultural meanings, privileging the everyday context in the construction of identities and connections between individuals.
Brasilprev Chair
Created in January 2017, this Chair conducts studies in the social security segment, both with regard to private pensions and general and own schemes.
Instituto C&A Chair
Celebrated in 2018, the Instituto C&A Chair supports studies on transparency in supply chains, covering aspects of legislation, voluntary certifications, social innovations and new business models based on greater transparency about processes, products and working conditions.

Projects and Studies

Academic-business collaboration is also present in carrying out specific projects and studies, resulting in contributions to the expansion of academic knowledge and support in managerial decisions. Our partners in these projects are:

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