Differentiated Training for Finance Executives

Leaders in strategic areas are responsible for decisions that have a major impact on their organizations. And decisions related to financial aspects end up being a daily part of the executives’ agenda. Therefore, having a solid and sophisticated knowledge of controllership and finance is essential for the professional who aspires to rise. COPPEAD Finance is the ideal program for those who want to take the lead in their business.

Structured in 2 major areas – corporate finance and capital markets – COPPEAD Finance prepares the executive to have more confidence and repertoire in decisions on how to evaluate projects, allocate resources and make investments that bring growth to his organization The program has been forming for 20 years leaders of banks, companies, public institutions and diverse organizations and has the seal of the business school internationally recognized for its excellence.


The finance professional recognizes that the technical mastery of the main topics in the area, such as valuation, controllership, budget, taxes and corporate governance, is essential for its success. COPPEAD Finance brings together an academic body of excellence in a range of content and techniques that prepares the executive for decision making.

There are 360 hours of disciplines, seminars, workshops and lectures over the course of 1 year. In 2021 we will offer a hybrid format, with the participant deciding for the best experience in their process.


1. Faculty of Excellence – the best professors and professionals on the market, with a solid foundation and production in their areas.

2. Critical thinking – developing a critical view and focused on problem solving.

3. Complete knowledge in Finance – and the Finance executive needs to have complete knowledge of the ecosystem.

4. Active Methods – we believe that effective learning contemplates the participant as the center of the process. We prioritize the use of the case method, market simulations and activities that expose the participant to the real challenges in the area.

5. Networking – in the active method, the exchange between participants is an important element for learning. In addition to experiences, the executive knows other business realities.

6. Diploma of Excellence – COPPEAD is an international reference in management and finance, being affiliated with 39 schools all over the world and with a constant presence in the media on fundamental issues, such as macroeconomics and financial education.


  • Company Valuation
  • Financial Accounting
  • Controllership
  • Administration Costs
  • Corporate Law
  • Econometrics Applied to Finance
  • Applied statistics
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Finance
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Risk management
  • Corporate governance
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Brazilian Macroeconomics
  • Financial math
  • Options and Derivatives
  • Real Options
  • Monetary Policy and Inflation
  • Forecasting and Simulation
  • Fixed Income
  • Taxes

COPPEAD Finance Student Profile

1. Entrepreneurs or executives who are playing a relevant role in business decisions.

2. Consultants who want to deepen their knowledge in finance.

3. Financial sector professionals.

3. Heirs in preparation for succession process.

Companies participating in previous editions

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