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The Coppead Graduate School of Business was a pioneer in the internationalization of business management education in Brazil. That culture drives all its aspects and activities, with a solid and qualified international affairs .

The School has partnerships with highly renowned and internationally accredited business schools on the five continents, establishing several projects, such as:

  • Exchange agreements for the Full-Time MBA students;
  • Visiting professors;
  • Multicultural projects;
  • Dual Degree opportunities for the Executive MBA;
  • International modules for the Executive MBA Program

Partner Schools

Click here to see the complete list of partner schools and the requirements needed to participate in the Full-time MBA Exchange Program.

Other International Programs and Modules

EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation

The EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation is the result of a collaboration of eleven business schools located in important cities and regions of the world, with the aim of enriching the educational experience of their respective students. We stressed its philosophy, which is that, by offering a global portfolio of geographically focused programs, students can confront the reality of doing business in different environments, reinforcing their previous learnings and experiences, and providing an important global perspective on business innovation, an essential asset in the globalized world. By experiencing learning from different markets with professors, colleagues, companies, government institutions in different cultures, students who participate in the Consortium will experience a paradigm shift that will be of great importance in their professional trajectory

This week-long program offers to Executive MBA students an in-depth
exposure to the experiences of companies in different parts of the world as they face new challenges from local and global competition. Students can choose their favoured destination destination according to a bidding system coordinated by the consortium.

Contact us for more information:

Projects in Multicultural Teams

The program brings together graduate students from the University of San Diego (USA) and students from the Coppead Full-time MBA, who develop together a consulting project for Brazilian companies during one week. Participants are divided into multicultural teams, supervised by professors from the University of San Diego and Coppead. The teams have the chance to work together and still present the results to the professor and representatives of the company. The course is a discipline of the Full-time MBA Program.

Double Degree for the Part-time Executive MBA

The Executive MBA Dual Certification Program offers 11 places for
graduates of the Executive MBA each year at 2 business schools in
France. Participants must attend around 150 hours of classes during their stay in France, in addition to 160-200 hours of work on a final project that can be done in Brazil with the guidance of a French school teacher. The project must be presented on a date to be scheduled by the student with his French advisor. Students approved in both stages will receive the International MBA certificate from the selected French Business School.

Coppead currently has agreements with the following Business Schools in France:

Audencia-Nantes School of Management
NEOMA Business School.

Details, deadlines and specific requirements are distributed by the
International Affairs Office to Executive MBA students, so that students can participate in the following year.

Additional information are available from Denise Galm at

ALADEN (The Latin American Alliance of Business Schools)

ALADEN is an academic partnership in education and management
development signed in 2008 by COPPEAD – UFRJ (Brazil), EGADE –
ITESM (Mexico), UNIANDES (Colombia), CENTRUM Católica Graduate
Business Schoool (Peru) and IESA (Venezuela), all internationally

ALADEN organizes the Latin American Study Week (SLAE), focusing on Full-time MBA’s students, where Spanish is the main language of instruction. The study week is incorporated into the Full-time MBA’s program as a discipline that is offered every year, alternately, by the member institutions of ALADEN. SLAE usually takes place in May of each year and focuses on acquiring knowledge of the Latin American business context, including lectures, visits to companies and cultural aspects of the host country. Travel, accommodation and other personal expenses are self-funded by the participating students. Other expenses are generally funded by the institution hosting the SLAE.

Doing Business in Brazil Study-Weeks

COPPEAD organizes study-weeks focusing on doing business in Brazil. These study-weeks include lectures with a Brazilian perspective on different topics, such as: Brazilian culture, Corporate Governance, Logistics, Marketing, Financial Markets, New Business Models and Economics. The study-weeks also include company visits and cultural tours. For more information about the program, contact

For more information the requirements and application processes for incoming students:


Marie Anne Macadar

Vice-Diretora de Relações Internacionais

Clara Fernandes Mendes

Exchange Program Assistant

Feldy Jodelph Moukambou

Exchange Program Assistant

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