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Have you ever considered attending one of the most prestigious Latin American business programs? COPPEAD Graduate School of Business is a top-notch public institution that offers a 100% tuition free Fulll-Time MBA program, fully taught in English. COPPEAD is one of the best business schools in the world,  listed more than 11 times in internacional rankings, due to its top quality standards. 

The Full-Time MBA program receives regular and exchange students from all over the word, promoting a truly international environment. The school has also partnerships with 40 business schools in most continents, giving  the student an opportunity for a truly international experience. The course accelerates careers, shaping future leads with strong theoretical concepts aligned with best practices implemented across multiple organizations. Our more than 1.000 alumni are executives and entrepreneurs working in several areas all around the globe, forming a cohesive network of Global Leaders.

If you want to become a well-prepared business professional, you should consider this life-changing experience.

18 months – 22 months

During the Morning

New Cohort
Start in February of each year

GMAT Submittions – November 28, 2021
Test ANPAD + TOEFL submittions – December 28, 2021

About the Course

For Coppead, the development of a leader should be based on the articulation of several initiatives of personal transformation:

  • Solid and broad conceptual knowledge in business
  • Development of critical thinking to a position of protagonism in the business scenario
  • Development of soft skills
  • Strategic career planning

The program offers an intensive 540 hours of  courses (mandatory and elective) associated with other activities, such as summer jobs and the exchange program.

Pillars of Excellence

The Full-Time MBA has 3 pillars:


Solid conceptual formation in business management through a wide range of courses to build a general management training. During the first year, you should take the courses on campus (nowadays online classes via Zoom). In addition to the core courses aligned with the best Full-Time MBA programs in the world, the program also offers the opportunity to customize the curriculum, in which you can choose the preferred courses to your professional career.


Career development activities are offered since the first term, favoring the students’ reflection on their professional trajectories and developing strategies of replacement. The career activities culminate with the MBA Internship and the Networking Week, where students begin their return to the job market.


Individual tutoring applied to the development of a research project, in which the student develops skills such as critical thinking, the application of concepts, field research, presentation and development of scientific articles.

Program Structure

The Full-Time program is based on several activities. You will develop hard and soft skills through the terms, attending courses, interacting with students and professors from many countries and participating in real projects.


Conceptual formation in business  management through a wide range of mandatory and elective courses to build a broad training. Download the ebook to access the all the disciplines.


You can join real projects in partner companies, such as the MBA Internship and de the Multicultural Projects, a consulting experience with students from the Universiy of San Diego.


In the last period of the first year, you will choose your academic advisor and begin to develop your master’s research project which should be completed at the end of the program.


In the second year, you can broaden your international exposure enrolling for the Exchange Program Module and spend up to 6 months in one top-quality Business Schools. The Full-Time MBA may last from 18 to 24 months, depending on how you personalize your experience. The master degree is only obtained after the dissertation thesis approval.

The program can last from 18 to 24 months, depending on the activities that you add to your experience, such as the exchange. The title of master is obtained from the defense and approval of your dissertation.

Partner Schools


100% Tuition Free

Active Learning Methods

Career Development

Global Alumni Network

Classes Taught in English

International Environment

Recognized Master Degree

Scholarship for all Students

Scholarship 2021 Program

The course is 100% tuition free  and it grants a diploma from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). The students usually receive scholarships from government funding agencies such as CAPES, CNPQ and FAPERJ; however, the amount of scholarships is not always enough for the whole class.

That situation, plus the vast economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, has led the school’s board of Directors to ensure financial support for all those students who don’t have any other formal support. The Program, financed by the school itself, will pay a scholarship for those who do not receive grants or are not working. The amount is the same as provided by the government entities and will be guaranteed until the student obtains another source of remuneration, a government grant or graduates from the master’s program. The scholarships will be distributed according to the class analysis and allocation of scholarships from the funding agencies.

Student Profile

1. Professionals interested in pursuing a global career

2. Professionals interested in accelerate their careers

3. Professionals interested in accelerate their careers




Age Range

International Experience

You will immerse in an international environment from day one. COPPEAD receives regular and exchange  students from many countries, such as France, India, Germany, China, Colombia, among others. There are two strategic projects in the international department: Multicultural Projects and the Exchange Program.

Multicultural Projects

This one-week program consists of graduate students from the University of San Diego working together with our students in projects for Brazilian companies addressing current and significant problems identified by these companies. Participants are divided into mixed teams and receive a project in which they work together  and present their findings to a faculty council of the University of San Diego, COPPEAD and representatives of the company. The course is a formal discipline worth credits for regular master students.

Exchange Program Module

Study up to 6 months in one of the 40 business schools around the globe and enrich your experience. You will get to know better other cultures, expand you network and acquire business knowledge. Some partner schools:

  • Wharthon Business School (EUA)
  • CEIBS (China)
  • IE- Instituto de Empresas (Espanha)
  • Essec Business School (França)
  • Ipade Business School (México)

Click Here to learn about the agreements and other partners.


Coppead offers several initiatives to support you in the process of strenghten connections with the job market. The schools runs activities such as:

  • Career Development and Management Consulting Skills courses
  • Individual meetings with the Vice Dean of the Program
  • Project with real companies like Multicultural Projects and MBA Internship
  • Events with alumni and executives like Networking Week

MBA Internship

At the beginning of the second year of the program, Full Time MBA students have the opportunity to participate in a MBA Internship and begin to apply their acquired knowledge in real companies. During ten weeks, students participate in challenging projects in real companies and have the opportunity to familiarize with the company, its core business and to develop a network that can make a real difference in their career. Some full-time positions have already become available for students following a successful MBA Internship experience, which demonstrates the importance of this program in the process of employment after completion of the program.

Click here to to know more about the program and meet our students (in portuguese) 

Networking Week

The Networking Week is relationship platform connecting our students with companies, in order to help students in getting back to the job market, or achieving better positions. The event usually  takes places at COPPEAD or at companies headquarters. Moren than 30 companies from diferent sectors participate each edition, providing an insightful opportunity for our graduating students.

Partner Organizations

Partner companies have a key role in the program, from participating in debates and courses to hiring the students. Many of them have collaborated in special and temporary projects (Multicultural Projects and summer jobs). Since the classes are during the mornings, companies have been encoraging their talented employees to enroll the program and making special arrangements with them. Some of our partners in different aspects are:

  • Accenture
  • Ambev
  • BAT
  • BCG
  • BTG Pactual
  • Bain Consulting
  • Bogari Capital
  • Coca-Cola
  • Descomplica
  • Engie
  • GSK
  • Grupo Globo
  • IBM
  • Kraft Heinz
  • L’Oréal
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Descomplica
  • Engie
  • GSK
  • Grupo Globo
  • IBM
  • Kraft Heinz
  • L’Oréal
  • McKinsey & Company


At the end of the program, students must develop a research project under the supervision of a COPPEAD professor who should be presented in the format of an academic paper. This activity aims to develop students’ research skills by combining the academic support of knowledge production in each area with the existing market dilemmas. These articles then cand be presented at conferences and published in national and international journals of relevance.

Research Lines:

  1. Training, Growth and Transformation of Business, Organizational and Socio-Economic Systems
  2. Decision-making, Behavior, and Ethics
  3. Business Administration and Economy

Admission Process

Those interested in participating in the Full-Time MBA program must hold an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. Strong academic background, maturity, professional experience and English proficiency favor the admission of a candidate. The academic capacity and international motivation for advanced studies in Business Administration are also considered, since the full commitment of the student to the program is expected. Detailed requirements and registration steps can be checked in the documents below. For more information about VISA and other requirements to study and live in Brazil, please visit the International Relations Official page.



There are 2 kinds of  entry: ANPAD (Brazilian test) + TOEFL or GMAT. There are limited vacancies for each and you must present the tests results during registration process.


You are required to select which research line you would like to develop your research project. Find out more about each research line here.


Fill in the online application form and present the results of the proficiency tests and registration documents.


The Admissions Team will evaluate candidates according to pre-established criteria.


Final results will be made available at Coppead’s website. If you are approved and confirm your interest, you will receive instructions for enrolment register.


November 28, 2021 –  GMAT submittions

December 28, 2021 – Teste ANPAD + TOEFL submittions



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