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Coppead is a strategic partner for companies that want to transform their business. Whether hiring talent trained in our programs, or with customized projects that combine knowledge production and practical application, the institute offers solutions that enhance the results of organizations.

Discover our solutions platform for companies:

In Company Programs

Customized solutions in business management with a focus on the challenges of organizations. A technical team accompanies the company from the elaboration of the diagnosis to the development of the most appropriate solution. The institution’s portfolio includes training of the most diverse focuses and duration, in addition to the possibility of mentoring and curating content that meets the strategic objectives of the partner.

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Executive Education

Executive MBA
Complete program for those who want to develop management and leadership skills, and be a strategic professional for the company.
Post-MBA Certificate
Special management topics for those who already have executive training and want to update knowledge to lead the changes in their business.
Corporate Finance and Capital Markets to prepare financial professionals, consultants and entrepreneurs for outstanding positions.


Coppead has a team of professionals with academic and practical expertise to develop complex consulting projects and with high potential for return to the company. With several projects already developed and implemented, the institute positions itself as a partner in areas such as Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Big Data and Technology, among others.

In the applied projects, the team of professionals from the client organization is assisted by the Coppead team of specialists in the development of solutions, with a double benefit: the construction of the solution itself and the team’s learning in technical and management requirements while working in the field. project. Contact and request a meeting.

MBA Internship

At the beginning of the second year of the program, students have the opportunity to participate in the MBA Internship and begin to apply their acquired knowledge, getting closer to the job market. For about 8 weeks, students participate in challenging projects at one of Coppead’s partner companies and have the opportunity to learn more about the company, its business and especially to make a networking that can make a difference in your career. Interested companies can contact

Multicultural Projects

In this free mini consultancy developed by students of the Coppead master’s program in partnership with students from the University of San Diego, the organization participates in a selection process and launches a real challenge for your business. The company also evaluates the project and receives the final report presented by the group of student-consultants, who are mentored by teachers from both institutions.

Consultancies take place at the beginning of each year. Contact to receive information about the project.

Relocation Week

Each year Coppead trains an average of 30 young talents in the Full-TIme MBA program, able to return to the job market after immersing themselves in studies and business management practices. The purpose of Networking Week is to enable a meeting between the trainees and the company, so that they can learn more about the sector in which they operate, the business and the possible professional opportunities that the organization has open.

Companies participating in the last Relocation Week:

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