Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for the delivery of the necessary application documentation for the Doctorate Program selection process?

All requested documents must be delivered by the closing date of the selection process informed in the Public Notice to the Coppead Academic Office.

Do I have to take the GMAT test (Graduate Management Admission Test)?

The main admission test is the GMAT for foreign candidates, offered with great frequency. Alternatively, the ANPAD test (Brazilian) is an acceptable substitute, offered three times a year in Brazil (February, June and September) together with the TOEFL.

I recently completed a Master’s in Administration, for which I had to take the ANPAD test. Do I have to take the ANPAD test again?

I am afraid so. The results of the ANPAD test carried out in the last 3 years and the GMAT test carried out in the last 5 years will be accepted.

I have a certificate from an English course that I finished a few years ago. Do I have to take the TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreig n Language)?

TOEFL is mandatory, regardless of the certificates you have already obtained.

What are the minimum scores for the tests?

For the GMAT the minimum desirable score is 550 points and for the ANPAD test it is 400 points. For the TOEFL, the minimum desirable score is 90 points.

What happens if I don’t get such scores?

You will be able to take the tests again (in the same year) to try to achieve the required score. But do not forget that you have to deliver all documents and test results by the closing date of the selection process informed in the Public Notice.

Is it possible to take the Doctorate Program on a part-time basis?

The structure of disciplines and research was designed in such a way as to require student availability, at the Coppead facilities, during the first 18 months of the Doctorate (until the Qualification Examination). After that time, the student should be fully focused on his PhD thesis. Such an activity does not require constant presence, but the total dedication of the student remains essential. You are the one who judges your ability to meet these requirements.

How long does it take to complete the Doctorate Program?

It is difficult to estimate the duration of the Doctorate Program, as there are many variables involved (your research experience, the depth of your knowledge in the area you have chosen, the type of research you intend to undertake, etc.). Be realistic and be prepared to dedicate about 4 years to your PhD.

During the first year, how many times a week will I have to go to COPPEAD?

The first year is the crediting period and classes will take place on different days of the week, so you will have to go to COPPEAD very often. After the first year, it is expected that, during the research phase, the students use the facilities of COPPEAD.

How do I find an advisor for my Doctorate?

Your advisor must be a full-time Coppead professor with a PhD. You can find it by examining the list of Faculty on this website.

How will I find out about the interests of a particular professor?

To find out about the interests of a specific professor, you may look for his/her bibliographic production at the LATTES curriculum. Try to get any article that seems interesting to you. It is only after you have a good idea of a professor’s research interests that you should look for him personally.

What is the importance of the pre-proposal of the thesis project that I have to present in the application?

It is of fundamental importance, as we will use it to assess whether we are able to guide you in the indicated area of interest.

Is there an specific format for the pre-proposal thesis project?

The pre-proposal thesis project should have up to four thousand words, space 1.5, explaining what type of research the candidate wants to undertake at COPPEAD, as well as a summary description of the feasibility and importance of the research in the academic context. It must explain the idea of the thesis project and cite a minimum of literature to support it. It is suggested that your pre-proposal contains: the title of the project; your name; name of the teacher you think will be able to supervise you; brief description of the idea and some indication of the importance / significance of the theme; literature suggestion (use academic books and articles) to describe the state of knowledge in the area in question; questions that you think can be answered at the end of the survey; indication of the methodology to be used and the necessary data sources.

If I am selected for the Doctorate Program, will I be obliged to do the proposed project?

Not necessarily. It is normal for a student to end up significantly modifying his original proposal, with a view to a more detailed literature review, comments from his supervisor and even from other professors and colleagues.

What are the chances of getting a scholarship?

There are scholarships from CAPES, CNPq and FAPERJ, which are offered to students who have no other source of income. It is not normally difficult to obtain such a scholarship, but COPPEAD does not give any guarantee that you will obtain it.

Is the Executive MBA course considered a Specialization course?

Yes. There are two course categories, Stricto Sensu and Lato Sensu. The specialization course falls under the Lato Sensu modality.

Is the Executive MBA Course Certificate issued by UFRJ?

Yes, it is.

How many Executive MBA cohorts are offered per year?

We offer three Executive MBA cohorts per year: two in March (Saturdays and Mondays) and another in September (Saturdays).

How long is the COPPEAD Executive MBA specialization course?

The duration of the program is approximately 10 months for the cohort that starts in March and approximately 13 months for the cohort that starts in September.

Can I pay for Executive Education courses individually or as a company?

Yes, the investment can be paid as an individual, company or both.

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