Training in Sustainability Reporting

International certificate issued by GRI

The Global Reporting Initiative – GRI – is a pioneer international entity in the promotion of sustainability reports and its Standard has consolidated itself as a worldwide standard to be adopted by organizations. Knowing how to prepare reports using the principles of the standard is a primary step in adopting sustainable practices and communicating them to different stakeholders.

Learn in a practical way how to lead your organization in this process and train yourself to be an active professional in the areas of sustainability and transparency. And the training is managed by COPPEAD, the only Brazilian business school that is a GRI partner and which traditionally assists companies in transforming their business models in search of sustainable principles.

In this live and online module, you combine the advantages of having access to an international certification and networking with company professionals from all over Brazil, without having to travel.

Main benefits

1 – Have the knowledge and materials related to the GRI Standard;
2 – Learning in a practical and didactic way in an institution recognized for research and teaching in sustainable management;
3 – Have an international certificate issued by the main media agency;
4 – Be part of a network of more than 100 certified professionals from different companies.

The certification is part of COPPEAD’s platform for research and teaching on business transparency. Discover the Transparency and Sustainability in Business Network.


1.Identify and understand the main characteristics of the GRI Standard

2. Understand the tasks and decisions to be made in the reporting process to prepare a report based on the GRI methodological proposal.

3. Identify the content expected to be found in reports based on the GRI Standard.


Certification objectives

You will be able to: – Identify and understand the main characteristics of the GRI Standard; – Recognize the tasks and decisions to be made during the reporting process to prepare a report based on the GRI methodological proposal, focused on material topics; and – Identify the content expected to be found in reports based on the GRI Standard.

1st Part: Introduction and Context

  • Sustainability Report
  • Sustainable development
  • About GRI
  • GRI Standards
  • GRI Council (GSSB)
  • Multi-Stakeholder Approach

2nd Part: Overview of the GRI Standard

  • Useful Terminology
  • Introduction to the Standard
  • Structure of the GRI Standard
  • How to Use the GRI Standard

3rd Part: GRI Standard

  • Standard Specific Topics
  • Universal Standard
  • GRI 101: Fundamentals
  • GRI 102: General Disclosures
  • GRI 103: Forms of Management

4th Part: Starting Your Reporting Process Using the GRI Standard

  • Application of Reporting Principles
  • Reporting of General Disclosures
  • Reporting on Material Topics
  • Agreement Reporting Options
  • Identity of Material Topics and Boundaries
  • Presentation and Compilation of Information

5th Part: Additional Resources

  • GRI Support Suite
  • Staying Engaged
  • Useful Resources
  • End of Course Evaluation

GRI Professional Certification Program

This training is part of the GRI Professional Certification Program, a knowledge trail designed by GRI itself to certify professionals in the field.

There are 5 blocks of knowledge before the final exam. COPPEAD’s training in Sustainability Reporting enables you in 3 blocks, and has other advantages:

  • Customized content and in your language
  • Interaction with other participants
  • Networking opportunity with professionals from different sectors
  • Possibility to ask questions directly with the facilitators

Click here and learn more about the Professional Certification Program

Target Audience

1. Professionals responsible for the strategy and sustainability of their companies

2. Organizations that intend to implement internationally recognized sustainability reports

3. Professionals and researchers interested in becoming certified in global sustainability reporting standards

Companies participating in the last Relocation Week

Approximately 80 companies have already had professionals trained in this certification. More than 100 professionals were trained in the methodology. Check out some organizations:

  • BR Distribuidora
  • Caixa Economica Federal
  • Casa da Moeda
  • Eletrobras
  • ENEL
  • Firjan
  • Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
  • Gas Natural Açu
  • Grupo Soma
  • IBGE
  • Infraero
  • MetrôRio
  • Neoenergia
  • Oi
  • Petrobras
  • Rede Globo
  • Rio Energy
  • United Health Group
  • Vale do Rio Doce
  • White Martins07556e

Methodology and Materials

In the online format, the choice of the Zoom platform provides interaction between participants and engagement in activities. Also receive, online, the official GRI didactic material, with all the resources and content necessary for the preparation and adequacy of the reports:

The teaching method is participatory, encouraging dialogue and exchange between participants. There are individual and group exercises, as well as presentations and debates.

  • Table with the training summary
  • Certified presentation slides
  • Participant Manual
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