Peter Wanke

Operations, Technology and Logistics

Peter Wanke
M.Sc. in Production Engineering, UFRJ
D.Sc. in Production Engineering, UFRJ

Teaching Areas
Logistics Strategy

Research Interests
Inventory Management, Logistics, Logistics Strategy, Sales Forecast, Statistics and Quantitative Methods, Supply Chain Management


Doctor of Sciences in Product Engineering from Graduation Programs In Engineering fo Federal University of Rio De Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ) and visiting scholar of the Marketing and Logistics department of Ohio State University. He obtained the Master degree in Product Engineering from COPPE/UFRJ and Bachelor in Product Engineering from UFRJ. Adjunct professor at COPPEAD and coordinator of the Center for Studies in Logistics. He works in teaching, research and consultancy in the fields of facilities location, logistics and transport systems simulation, demand planning forecast, inventory management in supply chains, business unit efficiency analysis and logistics strategy. He has more than 60 papers published in conferences, magazines and journals in Brazil and abroad, such as International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, International Journal of Production Economics, Transportation Research Part E, International Journal of Simulation & Process Modelling, Innovative Marketing and Brazilian Administration Review. He is co-editor of the books “Corporate Logistics: a Brazilian Perspective”, “Sales Forecast: Organizational Process and Quantitative Methods”, “Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Planning of Products and Resources Flow”, “Introduction to Logitics Network Planning: Application in AIMMS”, and “Introduction to Planning of Infraestructure and Port Operations: Applications of Operational Research”. He is also the author of the book “Inventory Management in the Supply Chain: Decisions and Quantitative Models”.

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