From print to screen: changes and challenges facing the Brazilian publishing industry



Linha de Pesquisa
Formação, Crescimento e Transformação de Sistemas de Negócio, Organizacionais e Sócio-Econômicos

Marco Aurélio de Souza Rodrigues, Paula Chimenti, Antonio Roberto Ramos Nogueira, Luiz Felipe Hupsel, Andrea Repsold



Revista de Administração, v. 49, n. 3, pp. 491-505. Abstract: The publishing industry is at a turning point. Facing the first major disruptive innovation in five centuries, its long-established structure and business model are at stake. Building on literature based on the pitfalls for incumbents, we interviewed key executives from the major publishers in Brazil to understand their perspective. We find that not only are they facing those pitfalls, but we also propose a new one, The Industry View Trap, concerning challenges created by convergence, the difficulty to deal with changes in the ecosystem and the fact that the very definition of the industry you’re part of might have changed.

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