Mists vapors and other illusory volatilities of electronic cigarettes



Linha de Pesquisa
Tomada de Decisão, Comportamento e Ética

Liz Maria de Almeida, Rildo Pereira da Silva, Antonio Tadeu Cheriff dos Santos, Joecy Dias de Andrade, Maribel Carvalho Suarez



Cadernos de Saúde Pública, v. 33,  Suppl 3. Abstract: In this article, we analyze the discourse of electronic cigarette suppliers directed at convincing potential users (smokers, former smokers or never smokers) to acquire and use the new product. This is a qualitative, descriptive and exploratory study on sellers’ discourse found in eight on-line sales websites which, between 2011 and 2013, had the highest search frequencies. The websites were identified through Google Trends based on the number of accesses and search frequencies related to electronic cigarettes. Our methodological reference was dialectical-hermeneutics. We categorized the empirical material within the “understanding/interpretation” scheme within four broad meanings: appropriation of the anti-smoking discourse; comparison between conventional and electronic cigarettes; appeal to the trustworthiness of science and projection of e-cigarettes’ image. The analysis of these meanings configured the argumentative elements of the marketing discourse used by electronic cigarette makers and suppliers.

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