Digitalization and collaborative dynamics integrating artistic, technological and co-creative resources: the case of Postmodern Jukebox



Linha de Pesquisa
Tomada de Decisão, Comportamento e Ética

Flávio Medeiros Henriques, Maribel Carvalho Suarez


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International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, Vol. ahead-of-print, No. ahead-of-print. Abstract: Purpose: This work investigates how digital technologies and artistic resources interact in order to bring different Creative and Cultural Industry (CCI) actors together in networks. As the stage of this work, the authors investigate the musical collective Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ), a digital-based enterprise which is intensive in the use of social media platforms. Design/methodology/approach: The study adopts a qualitative approach, based on a case study and netnography. Findings: The findings demonstrate how the technology available to CCI enterprises can be used to leverage business through the engagement of its audience in collaborative processes. The analysis also evidences collaborative dynamics resulting from the integration of three key operant resources in CCI: artistic, technological and co-creative resources. Finally, the case shows the role of a CCI enterprise as an engagement platform that capture people’s emotions trough artistic content. Originality/value: From a managerial perspective, the study demonstrates how a digital CCI enterprise manages the flow of resources and knowledge drawn from several networks in order to engage actors in co-creating value. Our analysis also suggests that emotions are not only drivers in bringing actors closer to the value cocreation process but also collectively created outputs within these interactions. In this process, the artistic resources of CCI’s enterprises play a fundamental role in capturing and transforming these emotions by putting actors from different networks in contact.

Keywords: Digital entrepreneurship, Cultural and creative industry, Case study, Netnography, Nostalgia network.

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