Knowledge Creation in Hybrid Organisations: A Case Study in a Quasi-Governmental Organisation



Linha de Pesquisa
Organizações, Estratégia e Sistemas de Informação

Isabel de Sá Affonso da Costa, Elaine Tavares, Arthur Marcelo Nicolau Peixoto



Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, volume 15, no. 3. Abstract: The organisational structure of hybrid organisations is affected by multiple institutional influences, considering power flows and organisational processes from the public and private sectors. Given this dynamic, the process of knowledge creation presents some particularities. This article aims to understand the specificities of knowledge creation in large hybrid organisations characterized as large structures with multiple institutional influences, based on a case study of a Brazilian organisation — SESC. Data collection was based on four sources: (i) documental research; (ii) questionnaire with evocative phrases; (iii) structured interviews; and (iv) direct observation. The content analysis technique was used to codify and interpret information. The results offer significant contributions for these hybrid organisations, indicating that they need to access how the bureaucratic model inhibits their knowledge creation, while restricting tacit knowledge sharing, causing the lack of sense of urgency and reducing autonomy and creativity.

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