Genetic services diffusion in the precision medicine ecosystem



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Formação, Crescimento e Transformação de Sistemas de Negócio, Organizacionais e Sócio-Econômicos

Rodolfo Wadovski, Roberto Nogueira & Paula Chimenti



International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, v. 14 n. 4, pp. 533-560. Abstract: Purpose: Genetic knowledge is advancing steadily while at the same time DNA sequencing prices are dropping fast, but the diffusion of genetic services (GS) has been slow. The purpose of this paper is to identify GS diffusion drivers in the precision medicine (PM) ecosystem. Design/methodology/approach: After reviewing the literature on innovation diffusion, particularly on GS diffusion, the PM ecosystem actors are interviewed to obtain their perspective. Using content analysis, the interviewees’ visions were interplayed with the literature to achieve driver conceptualization, which posteriorly originated broad themes. Findings: The results indicate that GS diffusion depends on satisfying aspects from three broad themes and respective drivers: technology (evidence strength and credibility, customization, knowledge, data and information, tech evolution speed and cost), human (ethics, privacy and security and user power) and business (prevention, holistic view of the individual, public policy and regulation, business model and management). Practical implications: The main management implications refer to considering health care in a multidisciplinary way, investing in the propagation of genetic knowledge, standardizing medical records and interpreting data. Originality/value: This study, to the best of authors’ knowledge, is the first attempt to understand GS diffusion from a broad perspective, taking into account the PM stakeholders’ view. The 13 drivers offer a comprehensive understanding of how GS could spread in health care and they can assist researchers and practitioners to discuss and set strategies based on an initial structured map.

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