Contagious content: Viral video ads identification of content characteristics that help online video advertisements go viral



Linha de Pesquisa
Formação, Crescimento e Transformação de Sistemas de Negócio, Organizacionais e Sócio-Econômicos

Yentl Lisanne Knossenburg, Roberto Nogueira, Paula Chiment



Revista Brasileira de Marketing – ReMark, v. 15, no. 4, pp. 448-458. Abstract: Why do some online video advertisements go viral while others remain unnoticed? What kind of video content keeps the viewer interested and motivated to share?  Many companies have realized the need to innovate their marketing strategies and have embraced the newest ways of using technology, as the Internet, to their advantage as in the example of virality. Yet few marketers actually understand how, and academic literature on this topic is still in development.  This study investigated which content characteristics distinguish successful from non-successful online viral video advertisements by analyzing 641 cases using Structural Equation Modeling. Results show that Engagement and Surprise are two main content characteristics that significantly increase the chance of online video advertisements to go viral.

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