Charting Ecosystems of Complex Phenomena NP: The Precision Medicine Case



Linha de Pesquisa
Organizações, Estratégia e Sistemas de Informação

Rodolfo Wadovski, Roberto Nogueira, Paula Chimenti



Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research, volume 9, n. 2, 6978-6987.
: This article proposes a structured method to map the main elements of complex phenomena. We chose Precision Medicine as the context for this study due to its novelty, exponential evolution, complexity, and potential impact on our future. The method proposed faces the problem that a subjective process of acquiring knowledge and building a common framework might be biased. The solution is achieved by an original way of combining systematic literature review, content analysis, and ecosystem approach. The method proposed also offers an innovative way to include factors and connect them to actors in an ecosystem approach. We present a four-phase method that ends with a double-layer diagram with actors and factors. It serves as a reference ground for discussions that are relevant for academic research and practitioner strategy development. Our findings in the Precision Medicine context suggest that this method could be used for other complex phenomena as well.

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