Actor-network theory: new perspectives and contributions to consumption studies



Linha de Pesquisa
Comportamento do consumidor

Camila Braga, Maribel Suarez



Cadernos EBAPE.BR, volume 16, issue 2, pp. 218-231.
Abstract: There is an increase in the use of the Actor-Network Theory (ANT) in various fields of social sciences and most recently in marketing and consumption research. In marketing discipline, however, this approach has been incorporated more widely in international studies. This article argues for the applicability of ANT to the field of research consumption in Brazil. ANTs main contribution relates to its unique perspective in analyzing human-things relationships, interactions and trajectories. This article, therefore, aims to explore the existent themes and contributions, the methods of application, criticisms and comparisons with other ontology approaches facing the social and actors involved. Finally, the study discusses possibilities raised by ANT for future research, showing how its resources can rejuvenate marketing research with focus on the collective and worldly learning that exceeds cognitive, economic and cultural connections, and emphasizes socio-material aspects present in the consumer realm. Using thorough investigation of actors and their direct connections, ANT reveals findings about what is unique, but also universal in studies developed by Brazilian researchers.

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