Partner Schools and Requirements to the Full-Time MBA Exchange Program

Requirements and Application Process for the Full-Time MBA Exchange Program

  1. At the beginning of the Full-Time MBA program (Year 1), the Academic Office will distribute copy of the Exchange Program Statute to all students. The Exchange Statute contains all the information and requirements to participate in the Exchange Program. Students will also receive a preliminary list of the partner schools and respective placements.
  2. The Full-Time MBA cohort has to elect an exchange representative to liaise with the Academic Office.
  3. A revised list of the partner schools with available placements and requirements is sent by the Academic Office to the exchange representative during the fourth term of year 1 of the Full-Time MBA program, so that students can start organizing themselves and schedule their TOEFL exams.
  4. At the beginning of year 2 of the Full-Time MBA program, the IAO will send the final list of partner schools with respective placements and requirements to the exchange representative, so that students make preliminary choices according to their preferences and ranking.
  5. By mid/end of March – year 2 – the IAO will hold a meeting with all the students interested in participating in the Exchange Program to allocate schools and placements. Students MUST have informed the required TOEFL scores to the IAO, in advance, in order to participate in the allocation meeting. How to do it: when enrolling for the TOEFL (IT Based) students must indicate the DI (Designated Institution) code 3867 and the email, so that the TOEFL result is automatically sent to COPPEAD/IAO.
  6. At the end of the allocation meeting, students will have to sign a term of commitment, so that they can be nominated to their chosen school.
  7. After acceptance of the nominated students by the respective Host School, COPPEAD will receive the Letters of Acceptance for visa purposes. Students will collect their respective Letters of Acceptance at the IAO. Further instructions are detailed in the Exchange Statute.
  8. After completion of the exchange program, students have to prepare and send a Report to the IAO detailing their academic and personal experience. Samples of these reports are available at the IAO.
  9. COPPEAD will receive a transcript of the students´ grades within the period specified in the exchange agreement. Students will collect their transcripts at the IAO.

For further information on the exchange program, please e-mail:

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