ALADEN (The Latin American Alliance of Business Schools)


ALADEN is an academic partnership in education and management development signed in 2008, by COPPEAD - UFRJ (Brazil), EGADE - ITESM (Mexico), UNIANDES (Colombia), CENTRUM – Católica Graduate Business School (Peru) and IESA (Venezuela), all internationally accredited.


ALADEN organizes the Latin American Study Week – SLAE, focusing Full-Time MBA students, where Spanish is the main language of instruction. This study-week is incorporated into the Full-time MBA program as a formal discipline worth credits and is offered every year on a rotary basis by ALADEN member institutions. The SLAE usually takes place in May each year. The SLAE has a strong focus on the acquisition of knowledge of the Latin American business context and includes lectures, visits to companies and cultural aspects of the host country. Travel, hotel living and other personal expenses are borne by the participating students. Other expenses are usually borne by the institution hosting the SLAE.  For further information contact the IAO:





This one-week program consists of graduate students from the University of San Diego (USA) working together with Full-time MBA COPPEAD students in projects for Brazilian companies addressing current and significant problems identified by these companies.  The participants are divided into mixed teams and assigned one project. The teams have the chance to work connected for a few days before meeting at COPPEAD, in January, where they work in the projects for 4 days and present their conclusion on the fifth day to a board of USD/COPPEAD professors and company representatives. The course is a formal discipline worth credits and is incorporated to the Coppead Full-time MBA program. For further information contact the COPPEAD module coordinator: