Adriana Hilal publica artigo sobre as questões de gênero no Brasil

"Same, same but different? Women’s experiences with gender inequality in Brazil"          


Clarice Santos, Adriana V. Garibaldi de Hilal, (2018) "Same, same but different? Women’s experiences with gender inequality in Brazil", Employee Relations, Vol. 40 Issue: 3, pp.486-499


ABSTRACT: The purpose of this paper is to examine gender issues in Brazil from the perceptions, experiences, and discourses of professional women in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.The study is based on 26 in-depth interviews with female professionals. The methodology consists of an exploratory approach through content analysis.Despite the fact that Brazil demonstrates an idealized national ethos that promotes equality, gender roles are still very traditional. Participants recognized gender issues at work, including covert discrimination, though most did not acknowledge experiencing them personally.There is dissonance between global trends and the actual experience of female professionals in Brazil. Although participants rejected the idea of personally experiencing inequality, they acknowledge its existence in human resources (HR) practices. This leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy where gender inequality is perpetuated and organizations and HR departments do not seem to have a proactive role as change agents.






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