1. How much cost the MBA program?


COPPEAD's Full-Time MBA is tuition-free.


2. What’s the program requirement?


Applicants deemed suitable to apply in the COPPEAD Master's Degree course are those who:


a) hold an undergraduate course diploma issued by a foreign institution, duly acknowledged by the Ministry of Education or similar body in the country where this degree was issued, or

b) hold an undergraduate degree duly registered in accordance to provisions stipulated by law, and acknowledge by CAPES/MEC (Brazil) ; or

c) during the registration year complete an undergraduate course duly acknowledged by CAPES/MEC (Brazil).


3. Can I do the program in English?


The program is in English.


4. How long is the program?


18 months + 6 months for exchange program (optional).


5. How can I participate in this selection process?


Please read carefully the instructions at the Public Notice in order to know about the selection process. Read.


Brief admission steps:


a) Applicant electronic registration

b) Proficiency Tests – ANPAD and TOEFL IBT and/or GMAT

c) Submission of application documents

d) Evaluation and qualification of applicants

e) Selection of applicants

f) Confirmation and disclosure of the selection process results.


6. Do you have any kind of scholarship?


Depending on the availability of resources such as official agencies Capes, CNPq and Faperj, as well as companies, they are offered scholarships for the program. However, the number of them is typically less than the demand. Also some oportunities are available at the PEC-PEG program from Capes ( or at the origin country.


7. When the program starts?


Usually, the academic year begins in February.