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Center for Research in Strategy, Corporate Growth and Organizational Change


Having as mission to develop useful knowledge to the survival and growth of organizations that serve society in a responsible and competent fashion, the studies conducted have as objective to identify the ways which can lead the organization to healthy growth and longevity, as well as the traps that can lead a organization to failure.

The Center research program investigates the dynamics and the management of growth focusing organizations of different kinds acting in several enviroments. The results of the research conducted by us suggest the existence of two opposing faces in the corporate growth: whereas one promotes healthy growth, organizational renewal and the promising survival of the organization, the other foster the pathological growth and desintegration of the organizations, putting in risk the organization's survival.


Two central questions direct the inquiries:


  • Why some organizations develop uninterrupted growth and a continued healthy existence, whereas others decline and disappear from the competitive arena?


  • How can organizations reconcile the pressures for short term results (present) with the purpose of developing a healthy longevity (future), given the legacy (past) built by the organization throughout its trajectory?



















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