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Research Focus: The objective of this research line is to develop projects related to sports marketing in the Brazilian context, building theoretical and managerial knowledge, especially in regard to sports sponsorship, including: sports sponsorship consumption; sponsorship of sports teams, athletes, sports organizations, sporting events, sports facilities and sports broadcasts; endorsement of sports celebrities; sports fan behavior; sports consumption; involvement, identification and engagement of the consumer with sports.


Relevance of the research object: Although sponsorship is not an exclusively sporting phenomenon, over the last four decades sponsorship has become synonymous with sports. Indeed, in many markets across the world, sports account for the significant majority of all spending by sponsors. Sponsors view sports as one way of reaching target audiences and getting people to notice them. Sports are also a route through which a corporation can build its image. There are B2B benefits too: sponsorship is often the focus for corporate hospitality and networking, and for the joint development of new products and technologies. For sports, at one level sponsorship is a source of revenue; at another, it can form the basis for a collaborative relationship with a sponsor and a way to engage fans and customers. For fans, sponsorship can be contentious (some see it as the over-commercialization of sports) but also hugely beneficial, for instance, in the way sponsorship programs create an experience around sports properties they are linked to.


Research projects in progress


  • Attitude and Behavior of the Sports Fans - involvement, identification and engagement of the sports fans with the sports modality, the sports teams and the sports celebrities; its process of consumption of sports and sports-related goods.

  • Sports Sponsorship - fit between the sports sponsorship and the sponsors corporate strategy; motives for sports sponsorship; selection process of sponsored properties; management of the activation of sponsorship actions; and measurement of sports sponsorship results.

  • Sports mega events: the impact of sports mega events on the image, reputation and brand equity of organizers and sponsors.


Scientific Production – Articles published between 2015 and 2017


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 D.Sc. Victor Manoel Cunha de Almeida

Dr. Victor Almeida is a Marketing professor at COPPEAD Graduate School of Business of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he is also founder and director of the Center for Studies in Sports Marketing. Dr. Almeida’s research and teaching interests lie in the area of Marketing, more specifically, Sports Marketing and Sports Sponsorship.

He has already published in a variety of the most relevant business academic journals. Since 2011, Dr. Almeida is the regional editor for Latin and Iberoamerica of the journal Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal (Emerald). He also serves as a reviewer for several Brazilian business journals; regularly coordinates academic events and leads research projects for both governmental and private institutions.

Dr. Almeida is an enthusiastic of the teaching case method as his main didactic approach. He has attended the ECCH - Case Center - Using Cases to Teach and Writing Cases Workshop (2013), HBP Case Method Teaching Seminar - Art & Craft of Discussion Leadership at Universidad Torcuato di Tella (2012), Harvard Business School - Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning (2000), and has published numerous teaching cases.

Dr. Almeida earned both his PhD and MSc in Business Administration from COPPEAD Graduate School of Business of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He served as Research Scholar in Marketing and International Business at the Temple University (2003). Among his other qualifications are: Real Estate and Retailing, both at University of Shopping Centers, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (2014 and 2004); Building Ventures in Latin America, at Harvard Business School (2007); and Retail Management at Williamson College of Business Administration of the Youngstown State University (2002).

Beyond his academic profile, Dr. Almeida is founding partner of Studio VS, a provider of management software solutions for Shopping Centers that currently has more than 300 clients in Brazil, Portugal and Africa. He also has been serving as member of the Board of several Brazilian companies.






·  D.Sc. Otávio Henrique dos Santos Figueiredo

Doctor of Sciences in Business Administration from COPPEAD, and Master of Sciences from Institute of Mathematics of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). He is currently adjunct professor at COPPEAD, where the teaches Data Analysis, Quantitative Methods I-II, Marketing Quantitative Research and Econometrics. His main research lines are: internationalization of firms, psychic distance, and culture and international marketing. His works have been presented in Brazilian and international conferences and published in journals and books of these fields. He also works in corporate consulting and executive training.






D.Sc. Flavia d'Albergaria Freitas

Dr. Flavia Freitas is a PhD in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing by COPPEAD Graduate School of Business of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She also earned her Master Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Strategic from the same institution. She is a Research Assistant at the Center for Studies in Sports Marketing and a guest lecturer at the COPPEAD / UFRJ graduate courses.

As a Researcher, Flavia is interested in the area of Marketing and Consumer Behavior, more specifically, Sports Marketing, Marketing Relationship and Channel Distribution. Besides her researches, she has participated in the development of several other researches, collaborating with Master Students´ final projects and in some cases acting as a co-advisor for those students. As a result, she has published articles in congresses and periodicals.

As a teacher, Flavia has already taught for undergraduate and graduate courses subjects as Distribution Channels, Marketing Research, and Service Marketing. At her courses, she incorporates a variety of strategies to reach students with different learning styles and enhance student interest, specially teaching case method. Some of the cases used were wrote by her in partnership with other authors.






Work Team: 3 teachers; 2 Ph.D. students; 8 master students; 1 undergraduate student.



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