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International Business Study Center (IBSC)


Given the growing importance of Brazil in the global political and economic scenario, it is increasingly necessary the study activities, strategies, structures and processes of Brazilian multinational companies in their Internationalization processes.   


In this context, in 2009 the International Business Study Center for studies (IBSC), composed of faculty members and students from COPPEAD Institute of Administration - UFRJ, dedicated exclusively to the study of the issue at hand. The main objective of the Center is the production and dissemination of scientific research on international business companies, through courses, lectures, consulting projects and publications in scientific journals.


Among the main subjects studied are: 


  • Process of internationalization of Brazilian companies of different sizes, regions and areas of activity; 

  • The results from these processes of internationalization to their strategies 

  • Comparative studies of internationalization strategies, processes and organizational behaviour between companies in different countries and environments; 

  • Interactions between multinational enterprises and other actors, organizations, institutions and markets; 

  • Effects of the international environment (for example, cultural, economic, political, legal) on the activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes in multinational companies



  • Book: Negócios Internacionais: perspectivas brasileiras (Figueira, A; MELLO, R. C.Megócios Internacionais:Perspectivas Brasilieras. 1. ed. Rio de Janerio: Editora Elsevier, 2015. v. 1. 287p.)
  • Several thesis, dissertations and academic articles.

Lines of Research 


  • International Business

  • International Entrepreneurship

  • International of Brazilian Companier

  • International Marketing

  • International scenario analysis







  Renato Cotta de Mello
  Ariane Figueira








Clarice Secches-Kogut
Paulo Cesar Junior
Vitor Pires
Renan Henrique de Oliveira
Luiz Paulo Silva
Bernardo Frossard Rego
Elisa Anita dos Santos
Marco Simões
Diogo Pereira




Full-Time MBA




Robert Skorupski
Thiago Brandão Cunha
Marcos Vinicius Mendes
Andres Merchan
Alexandre Almeida Monteiro








Bruna Targino