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Center of Consumption Studies


The Center of Studies on (CEC) has as main objective to conduct research on consumer behavior and marketing, from an interpretive and cultural perspective. 


The center is co-ordinated by Professors Leticia Casotti, Maribel Suarez and Roberta Campos. Its aims are to stimulate a pluralized approach to contemporary consumption and management practices, to inspire researchers, government, companies and even consumers to see new angles of their daily practices.


The CEC-COPPEAD also aims to deepen and generate knowledge on qualitative research methods (e.g. itinerary method, netnography, life history, analysis of cultural texts, consumption ethnography), integrating different areas of Human Sciences, such as Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology, and generating information and reflections on Marketing, both in the academic and corporate spheres.


The Center is funded by the L’Oréal Chair of Consumer Behavior, the FIAT Chair of Consumer Studies and the Coca-Cola Chair of Cultural Branding . CEC-COPPEAD. Through its research projects, the Center also receives support from development agencies such as CNPq, Capes, FAPERJ and FAPEMIG.




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Research Projects






5° Encontro Internacional COPPEAD de Comportamento do Consumidor



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Letícia Moreira Casotti 

Associate professor

CEC Coordinatior and Coordinator of L'Oréal Chair of Consumer Behavior


Maribel Carvalho Suarez

Assistant professor

Coordinatior of the FIAT Chair in Consumer Studies



Roberta Dias Campos

Assistant professor

Coordinator of the Cultural Branding Coca-Cola Chair




Rodrigo Cotrim

Thaysa do Nascimento

Research Assistant


Gisele Araújo

Trainee of Scientific Initiation


Beatriz Azevedo

Trainee of Scientific Initiation

Tamiris Peniche

Trainee of Scientific Initiation


Camila Teixeira

Administrative assistant




Post - Doctoral


Ana Raquel Rocha

Researcher and Post-doctoral student


Ana Paula de Miranda

Researcher and Post-doctoral student


Nilma Morcef de Paula

Researcher and Post-doctoral student




Doctor Student and Full-Time MBA Student


Camila Braga

Doctor Student

Tonny Kerley

Doctor Student


Debora Bogea

Doctor Student


Catia Schott

Doctor Student


Lucivania Ponte

Doctor Student


Renata Garanito

Doctor Student


Luiza Cesario

Full-Time MBA Student


Janaina Rosas

Full-Time MBA Student


Nathalia Dib

Full-Time MBA Student


Carolina Brandão