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Innovation and Sustainability


Scientific and technological developments point to almost infinite possibilities for the advancement of humanity. New forms of production and communication, new perspectives on health and quality of life are some examples. However, these advances are living together with the permanence of fully soluble social and environmental problems.


The issue is admittedly systemic. Nevertheless, the role of organizations in this context is increasingly scrutinized and their commitment to finding solutions is taken as a requirement. In this sense, the so-called Corporate Sustainability has been gaining new perspective. Far from mitigating actions, what is expected today is the involvement in sustainable solutions, economically and environmentally, for the most alarming social problems.


It is in this context that profit and non-profit organizations are urged to put at the center of their actions the confrontation of social issues that, in turn, cannot be removed from environmental commitment. Social innovation and sustainability leave the field of the desirable to deepen the center of organizational strategies.


Given this scenario, the challenges for research on sustainability and innovation are in deep transformation. To address them in an original way is that we propose the creation of the Center for Innovation and Sustainability (CIS). In the CIS, the proposal is to investigate innovative actions, programs and projects developed by profit and nonprofit organizations whose purpose is to develop solutions to social and environmental problems that are, in turn, scalable and sustainable. Some questions guide this research:


  • How can innovation be managed and implemented, with a focus on social problems, and ensuring economic and environmental benefits?
  • How can operations, throughout their chain, secure these commitments?
  • How do these themes shape the agendas of public and business policies in contemporary times?
  • How are social and environmental issues incorporated into business and project evaluations?


The proposal to create the Centre of Innovation and Sustainability brings together four teachers, from different areas, but with a teaching and research trajectory linked to this subject,that subscribe to this research proposal in search of answers. 


The initial activity of the CIS is to host the partnership with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). In line with its internationalization process, the COPPEAD Institute of Management was invited to assume the representation in the state of Rio de Janeiro of the GRI, a world reference in the elaboration of corporate sustainability reports.







Professor Celso Funcia Lemme

Doctor of Business Administration - Emphasis in Finance (UFRJ)


Professora Ariane Cristine Roder Figueira

PhD in Political Science - Emphasis in International Relations (USP)



Professor Eduardo Raupp de Vargas

Doctor of Business Administration - Emphasis in Innovation Management  ( UFRGS e Université de Lille 1)

Professor Leonardo Marques

Doctor of Business Administration - Emphasis in Operations (University of Manchester)