Certified Training Program – GRI Standards

Certified Training Program – GRI Standards Certified Training Program – GRI Standards Certified Training Program – GRI Standards

Certified Training Program - GRI Standards

Coppead is recognized for encouraging organizations to adopt more sustainable business models and practices. Thus, the school was elected as an official institution in Brazil to offer the training of reporting within the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standard, internationally used and increasingly requested by several stakeholders.

The Standards-certified training is a 2-day immersion in the subject, and it has 3 learning objectives. The participant will be able to:

  1. Identify and understand the main characteristics of the GRI Standard;
  2. Recognize the tasks and decisions to be made during the reporting process to prepare a report based on the GRI methodological proposal, focused on material topics;
  3. Identify the content you are expected to find in reports based on the GRI Standard.


  • Duration

    16 hours

  • Next Class

    august 18th and 19th

  • august 14th

  • Location

    Online and Live

About the Course

The program also includes a basic introduction to the sustainability report, addressing the 5 phases of the sustainability reporting process, as well as addressing local sustainability issues.

Training Programme structure

The content of the certified training is divided into 5 topics:


1ª Parte: Introdução e Contexto

  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainability Report
  • GRI

– GRI Standards
– Multi-Stakeholder Approach


2ª Parte: Visão Geral da Norma GRI

  • Terminology
  • GRI Standards Introdution
  • GRI Standards Structure
  • GRI Standards – How To?
  • Other Standards & Frameworks


3ª Parte: Norma GRI

  • Specific Topics
  • Universal Standard

– GRI 101: Foudations
– GRI 102: Disclosures
– GRI 103: Management


4ª Parte: Iniciar seu Processo de Relato Usando a Norma GRI

  • Reporting Principles Application
  • General Disclosures
  • Identification of Material Topics and Boundaries
  • Reporting of Material Topics
  • Reporting Options
  • Presentation and Reporting


5ª Parte: Recursos Adicionais

  • GRI Support Suite
  • Sustaining Egangement
  • Useful Resources

Methodology and Materials

The teaching method is participatory, and dialogue and exchange between participants is higly encouraged. There are individual and group exercises, as well as presentations and debates.


Participants receive a GRI-recommended teaching material with all the resources and contents necessary to prepare and adapt reports:

• Table with training summary;
• Slides of the certified presentation;
• Participant manual.

Target Audience

  1. Professionals who are part of the construction, implementation and monitoring team of sustainability management.
  2. Organizations that want to implement internationally recognized sustainability reports.

The fees for the complete training are R$ 2,160.00 with all materials and costs included.

Participants also receive a GRI certificate.

Want to know more about the GRI?

Check out the video of COPPE/UFRJ Professor Verônica Malkah.