Executive MBA (eng)

Executive MBA (eng) Executive MBA (eng) Executive MBA (eng)

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA improves the way you evaluate, manage, and solve problems in your organization, as well as broaden your ability to lead in all business areas. You will complete the course with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to drive change, to innovate and improve your company’s performance.

The MBA begins with essential management courses to your executive performance, allowing a complete view of the process by which organizations build and manage their competitive strategies. Next, you choose an area to develop specific skills among the emphasis offered by the program.

  • Duration

    400 hours

  • Classes


  • Localization

    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  • Start of Classes


About the Course


The first executive program in Brazil that has international recognition and reach.

Aimed at professionals who want to develop management and leadership skills, the program contains general and thematic contents and offers a week of studies in a partner school abroad.



  • EAD Finance
  • Finance Management
  • Culture and Behavior in periods of change
  • Costs for Managerial Decisions
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations and Logistic
  • Leadership
  • Brazilian Macroeconomics
  • International Module
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan and Design Thinking
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Business Games
  • Analysis for Management Decisions
  • Personal Development and Ethical Aspects in Organizations
  • Digital Marketing

International Week

Coppead is a pioneer in the internationalization of executive education. Thus, as part of our Executive MBA program, we offer a week of immersion in some of the world’s most relevant business schools, encouraging the development of truly global leaders.

Emphasis (100h)

After the first part of the course, you will be able to choose an emphasis to deepen your knowledge on a topic of your interest. At this stage it will be possible to share the experience with former MBA students, who can also take the courses of the emphasis, improving the discussion.

International Extension

The Double Degree Program offers 11 placements at three Business Schools, in France, to COPPEAD Executive MBA graduates every year. Participants have to take 150 hours of classes during their stay of a maximum of 6 weeks in France, and 160-200 hours of work in a final project, that can be done back in Brazil, with the coaching of a French professor. The project has to be presented either at the French School or through Skype conference to be scheduled by the student with his French advisor. Students approved in both stages are awarded the MBA certificate of the selected French Business School.


Audencia Nantes École de Management – Title: International MBA
NEOMA Business School – Paris Campus – Title: International MBA


Specific details, deadlines and requirements are distributed by the International Affairs Office to Executive MBA students so that students can participate in the following year.

The EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation is the result of a collaboration of eleven business schools located in important world cities and regions intended to enrich our students’ educational experience. Its underlying philosophy is that by offering a global portfolio of geographically focused programs, students can confront the reality of doing business in vastly different settings in ways that reinforce previous learning and experiences and provide an important global perspective on business innovation, critical in today’s environment. By living in and learning from different markets, teachers, colleagues, companies, government institutions and cultures, students attending the Consortium will experience a paradigm shift that will serve them well for years to come. This week-long program provides executive MBA students with in-depth exposure to the experiences of businesses in different parts of the world as they cope with new challenges from local and global competition. Students can choose their preferred destination according to a bidding system coordinated by the consortium. Additional information can be obtained at embaconsortium.org or with the program coordinator: marco.rodrigues@coppead.ufrj.br

Student Profile

  1. Professionals who occupy positions at the top of their companies and who seek, in the MBA, a recycling of their knowledge in administration, as well as to know the experiences of other companies.
  2. Professionals who have recently occupied relevant positions in their companies and who seek to complement their training to the positions they have begun to occupy.
  3. Professionals who, within a very short space of time (one or two years), will occupy executive positions and seek to prepare themselves through our course.
  4. Professionals who are entrepreneurs or heirs of family businesses. In both cases, the short managerial experience is compensated by the high intensity with which it was acquired.

Admissions Policy

The admission process to the Executive MBA includes completing the application form and a personal interview with the course coordinator. The managerial experience of the candidate and the position he occupies in the company in which he works are some of the factors taken into consideration in the selection. The candidate must hold an university degree. The final decision on the acceptance of the candidate is made by the Selection Committee.

Public Notice

Edital 2017-2021 (in Portuguese)

Portaria 8482 de 2018 (in Portuguese)


Total: R$ 75.400,00 or up to 24 monthly installments.
Included in the fees: All expenses with teaching materials; books indicated by professors; breakfast; coffee breaks and meals. To check options and further information, please contact: atendimento@coppead.ufrj.br


Special discount of 20% for alumni approved in COPPEAD or Alumni COPPEAD courses of duration above 100 hours.

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