EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)




The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - has been EQUIS accredited since 2006. 


The fundamental objective of EQUIS is to raise the standard of management education worldwide. EQUIS assesses institutions as a whole and must be primarily devoted to management education.


EQUIS looks for a balance between high academic quality and the professional relevance provided by close interaction with the corporate world.  Institutions that are accredited by EQUIS must demonstrate not only high general quality in all dimensions of their activities, but also a high degree of internationalization; with companies recruiting worldwide, with students choosing to get their education outside their home countries, and with schools building alliances across borders and continents.



EFMD (The European Foundation for Management Development)




EFMD is an international membership organization, based in Brussels, Belgium, with over 800 member organizations from academia, business, public service and consultancy in 81 countries.  It is a unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice in management development. The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business has been an EFMD member since 2001.


EFMD is recognized globally as an accreditation body of quality in management education with established accreditation services, such as EQUIS, for business schools.



ALADEN (The Latin American Alliance of Business Schools)




In April 2008, COPPEAD took the initiative to found ALADEN in order to promote integration via knowledge and, simultaneously, strengthen the bonds between prestigious Latin American business schools with a reputation for excellence and the corporate world, mainly targeting a) the education of present and future business leaders with an understanding of the Latin American business context and b) wealth creation, in terms of the socio-economic development of the home-countries of the member institutions.


The five founding members are top business schools in their respective countries and are all internationally accredited:


  • CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business Schoool
  • COPPEAD – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • EGADE – Technological Institute of Monterrey, Mexico
  • IESA – Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, Caracas, Venezuela
  • UNIANDES – Universidad de Los Andes – Los Andes University, Bogota, Colombia.



BALAS (The Business Association of Latin American Studies)



BALAS is the first international business and economics professional association to focus exclusively on the study of economics, management, leadership and industry in Latin America and the Caribbean. The organization is strongly international in character, with members from all over the world – from over 30 countries. The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business has been a BALAS member since 1995.


BALAS provides a leadership role in sponsoring forums for exchanges of ideas, information dissemination, research collaboration and education activities of the highest professional quality.



CLADEA (Latin American Council of Business Schools)




CLADEA is one of the most important Business Schools networks. This international organization provides a global cooperation system and its members include the main academic institutions in the world.  Among several objectives, it strives to foster and disseminate high teaching standards in business among its members. The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business has been a CLADEA member since 1997.


Presently, CLADEA has 196 member institutions, both public and private, from Latin America, North America, Europe and Oceania.







Since 2001, The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business has been included 10 times in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking (Full-time MBA) among the top 100 Business Schools around the world.


In 2013 COPPEAD was ranked 66, being the only Business School ranked in South America and one of the two schools in Latin America.