Exchange Program

COPPEAD's Full-Time MBA, a post-experience 18 months tuition-free program, is a hybrid model comprising the main features of Academic and Professional Masters. The program emphasizes the theory/practice and research/application perspectives with a focus on best practices in management at the national and international levels.


The concentration areas offered by the program are: Finance & Managerial Control; Marketing & International Business; Operations, Technology & Logistics and Organizations, Strategy & Information Systems.


This program, designed to comply with the highest international standards, is recognized as a label in business education in Brazil and, increasingly, in the world thanks to the EQUIS accreditation and to its ranking in the Financial Times.


The Full-time MBA also has an exchange program with internationally accredited partner schools in the five continents.


The Full-time MBA Exchange Program is an inter-institutional program that receives and sends students from and to its partner business schools, during the second semester of each year, usually from end of July/August to before Christmas.


The Exchange Program aims to offer participants a worldwide experience in an intercultural setting with top academic standards.


For further information on the exchange program, please email :


For specific information on incoming or outgoing exchange students, press the respective tab.



COPPEAD’s International Brochure will give you an overview of the School, the University and the Technology Park.


At COPPEAD, the academic year is divided into four ten-week terms from the end of February to before Christmas, with a one-week interval between every two consecutive terms. During the third and fourth annual terms (from mid/late July to late September/early October and from early/mid October to before Christmas) COPPEAD concentrates the offer of disciplines in English (usually 200 course hours in English in the third and fourth terms, respectively), so these are the periods open for incoming exchange students.


Interested students must demonstrate that they are able to perform successfully in university-level coursework where English is the language of instruction and assessment. Portuguese language classes (survival level) are usually offered by COPPEAD to exchange students in the week prior to the official start of the third and fourth annual terms - (free of charge for exchange students).


Brief Description of the Application Process for Incoming Students


1- Before the end of each academic year, COPPEAD sends the FACT SHEET for the next year to the exchange program coordinators of all the partner schools (Home Schools). The FACT SHEET contains: the academic calendar for the coming year (beginning and end dates of each term), nomination and application deadlines and requirements, disciplines in English offered in the third and fourth terms and visa requirements, among other practical information.


2- Nomination: the Home School must send the nomination of the interested incoming exchange students, by email ( before the deadline specified in the Fact Sheet. COPPEAD will email the Home School (with copy to the prospective exchange student), confirming the student´s acceptance, as applicable.


3- Acceptance: Upon acceptance of the proposed incoming exchange student, COPPEAD will send an acceptance letter for visa purposes to the exchange coordinator of the Home School.


4- Application: after acceptance of the nominated incoming student, COPPEAD will directly send to the exchange student a package containing the following documents: Fact Sheet, Application and Term of Responsibility forms, Full-time MBA schedule for the third and fourth terms, support housing information and the Exchange Students’ Guide.


5- The incoming exchange student will send to COPPEAD by email ( the following documents: CV,  Application and Term of Responsibility forms duly filled-in and signed, digital photo (3x4cm) copy of passport,  copy of visa and of health insurance coverage (for deadline, please refer to the Fact Sheet)


6- Disciplines: exchange students have to take a minimum of 120 course hours per term. If an exchange student wants to enroll in a discipline in Portuguese he/she must present proof of mastery in the Portuguese Language (CELPE-Bras, Avançado or Avançado Superior) and be authorized by the professor in charge of the discipline provided there is classroom availability.


7- The Home School exchange coordinator will receive a transcript of the student´s grades within the period specified in the exchange agreement.



COPPEAD has an exchange program with internationally accredited Business Schools in the five continents. (See the map and list of exchange partners below. Click on the partner school´s name to access its site).





South Africa

GSB - Cape Town University, Cape Town






ANTAI College of Economics and Management - Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

CEIBS - China Europe International Business School, Pudong, Shanghai

Shandong Economic University - Institute of Economics of Shandong, Jinan, Shandong

• HKUST Business School - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



IIM - Indian Institute of Management, Indore

IMT - Institute of Management Technology - Ghaziabad

IILM - Institute for Higher Education – Delhi


South Korea

SNU - Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University, Seoul



  Eastern Europe



ZSEM - School of Economics and Management, Zagreb



GSOM - Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg



  Latin America



IAE Business School - Universidade Austral, Buenos Aires



UNIANDES - Universidad de los Andes School of Management – Bogotá



ITAM - Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de Mexico - Mexico City

IPADE Business School  -  Mexico City



IESA - Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración – Caracas



• Facultad de Administración y Ciencias Sociales


  Middle East



IMT - Institute of Management Technology - Dubai



  North America


United States of America

Moore School of Business - University of South Carolina - Columbia, SC

School of Business Administration - University of San Diego, CA

The WHARTON School - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA



Faculté des Sciences de l´Administration - University Laval – Québec






University of Sydney, Sydney



  Western Europe



CBS - Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen



Audencia-Nantes School of Management - Nantes

EMLYON Business School - Lyon

ESSEC Business School - Paris

REIMS Management School - RMS - Reims

ROUEN Business School - Rouen

EDHEC Business School - Nice, Lille

IESEG School of Management - Lille, Paris



EBS - European  Business School, Reichartshausen - Greater Frankfurt

WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management - Vallendar, Dusseldorf



Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business - UCD Dublin



Università Commerciale Luigi BOCCONI - Milano

MIP - Politecnico de Milano



RSM - Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam



Nova School of Business and Economics  - Universidade Nova de Lisboa

CLSBE - Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics - Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisboa



IE Business School – Madrid



Brief Description of the Application Process for Outgoing Students


1- At the beginning of the Full-time MBA program (year 1), the IAO will distribute copy of the Exchange Program Statute to all students.  The Exchange Statute contains all the information and requirements to participate in the exchange program. Students will also receive a preliminary list of the partner schools and respective placements.


2- The Full-time MBA cohort has to elect an exchange representative to liaise with the IAO.


3- A revised list of the partner schools with available placements and requirements is sent by the IAO to the exchange representative during the fourth term of year 1 of the Full-time MBA program, so that students can start organizing themselves and schedule their TOEFL exams.


4- At the beginning of year 2 of the Full-time MBA program, the IAO will send the final list of partner schools with respective placements and requirements to the exchange representative, so that students make preliminary choices according to their preferences and ranking.


5- By mid/end of March – year 2 – the IAO will hold a meeting with all the students interested in participating in the exchange program to allocate schools and placements. Students MUST have informed the required TOEFL scores to the IAO, in advance, in order to participate in the allocation meeting. How to do it: when enrolling for the TOEFL (IT Based) students must indicate the DI (Designated Institution) code 3867 and the email, so that the TOEFL result is automatically sent to COPPEAD/IAO.


6- At the end of the allocation meeting, students will have to sign a term of commitment, so that they can be nominated to their chosen school.


7- After acceptance of the nominated students by the respective Host School, COPPEAD will receive the Letters of Acceptance for visa purposes. Students will collect their respective Letters of Acceptance at the IAO. Further instructions are detailed in the Exchange Statute.


8- After completion of the exchange program, students have to prepare and send a Report to the IAO detailing their academic and personal experience. Samples of these reports are available at the IAO.


9- COPPEAD will receive a transcript of the students´ grades within the period specified in the exchange agreement. Students will collect their transcripts at the IAO.


Students' Guide for the Applicants